Our point of difference/Why choose us?


Transforming land. Changing lives.

It’s easy to take the emotion out of developing by reducing it to an equation – “how can I squeeze in as many dwellings onto as small a footprint as possible?” But when you really think about it, as a developer you’re doing much more than simply building units or apartments. 



Making the most of it.

At Daly & Shaw, our personal philosophies guide what we do at work. We’re about making the most of every moment, savouring the here and now and enhancing the city we call home. That means when we look at land, we think carefully about how to turn it into something special. Researched, designed and built right, you’ll attract the right buyers who’ll pay top dollar for what you’ve created.



Finding a better way.

At Daly & Shaw, we have early and honest conversations about project feasibility. Our goal is to ensure your project is not only tailored to your target, but also 100% viable (after all, our reputation is at stake too).

Part of the process involves looking at a set of plans and suggesting changes to either add space to your design or make it more saleable, save on costs and just be a bit more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than what it currently is. If you talk to us early, we can get a better result for you later.



Meaningful infill.

A successful development is about smart design that optimises space, lets natural light in and syncs with its surroundings. It’s considering how to leave minimal impact on the environment as well as efficient site management (we use recycling companies rather than dumping waste in landfill). It’s efficient construction management to ensure your project is delivered on time and budget. It’s about embracing new technology and innovation to find a better way. And of course, it’s about listening to what the market actually needs. Because when you do all these things, the financial return takes care of itself.



The Daly & Shaw story.

Established in 1984, Daly & Shaw has stood the test of time in the ever-changing property landscape. From humble beginnings undertaking renovations, additions and individual homes, the company has grown to take on the planning and construction of high quality residential unit developments, many of which are initiated through referral and returning clients.

Across the decades, owners Mick Daly and Robert Shaw have gained an understanding of what it takes to deliver success - service and customer satisfaction. As such, Daly & Shaw has built the business around providing direct communication. Customers know they can access Mick and Robert’s knowledge and advice at any time, continuously leading to better outcomes for all.

Today, Daly & Shaw’s early origins live on through sister company Evolution, established to help WA residents ‘escape ordinary’ through creative custom builds, extensions and renovations.