The investor relationship

Developing just got personal.

Many builders believe squeezing as many small units as possible onto a block will maximise your returns. But is that really making the most of your opportunity? At Daly & Shaw, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt developing over the decades it’s that repurposing land can’t be reduced solely to an equation.

That makes a strong relationship based on trust and respect between builder and developer essential. When we work together, not opposite each other, we can have honest and open conversations that ensure you get your project right first time around.

We know when to slow the process down to allow you time to think all these considerations though, and encourage you go talk to the right people, such as your accountant or lawyer, to ensure you’re not taking too big a risk (if your investment fails, we fail).

We ask questions… Lots of them.

At Daly & Shaw, asking questions upfront provides the answers you need to unlock your property’s true potential. By investigating the local market and its demands, we discover insights that can change the way you look at your development opportunity. Even if you already have a design, we could potentially work with you to further enhance its potential, saving you substantial amounts of money and slashing turnaround times.

Is Daly & Shaw right for you?

Throughout our decades of developing, we've come to learn the traits that get the most out of our partnership style.