Do you have a site, but lack the time and resources? Daly & Shaw can help you find the right development partner to team up with. Whether that’s teaming up ourselves as a JV partner, or referring you to one of our trusted contacts, it starts with an open chat about the possibilities.

Reach out to learn more.

Structure of projects and finance

Many of the developers we partner with are looking to take on a development but aren’t in the right position to do so. Some don’t have the time to look for an opportunity. Some already have the land but haven’t got the resources.

If this sound like you, the team at Daly + Shaw can analyse your situation to provide a solution that makes your project possible. We may choose to take on a portion of the costs ourselves, or we may act as the facilitators by sourcing a trusted partner/s to enter into a Joint Venture with you. Thanks to our dedication of doing the right thing by the people we work with, we’ve developed fantastic relationships with people we’ve developed with in the past – people who enjoyed their experience, made some money and want to do it all again.

Talk to us about your situation and we can work out the best structure to get your project off the ground successfully.