A feasibility study is essential for you to work out whether or not a project is viable. Our job is to gleam insights that can make or break your development.

A major part of the feasibility process is taking into account, where the development is taking place and what else is around it. You need to make sure you have purchased (or will purchase) land at the right price, and that the product you are building fits in with what the market wants in that area.

If you get the balance wrong, you’ll pour too much money into the build and won’t get the right return. For instance, a builder might say you can fit seven 3-storey townhouses on your block (which sounds appealing – more dwellings = more profit). But if there’s no demand for high density in the suburb, you are unlikely to sell for the price you want, or at all. Say you spend $350k to $400k per dwelling and sell them for $420k, when you factor in all the other costs (including colours, fixtures, finishes, marketing and the land itself), it’s easy to see it just doesn’t add up. That’s why square metre rates don’t cut it. While the seemingly low price may seem appealing, there’s more than meets the eye. These rates usually start as ‘build only’, which is just your basic shell - no carpets, blinds, wall painting and the like. And that’s where so many developers get caught out.

At Daly + Shaw, we do the maths now so you can reap the rewards later. We won’t provide a misleading square metre rate – we’ll provide an all-inclusive ‘turnkey’ price so you know exactly where the profit potential lies.

Think of us as an open book. If it’s not worth it, you’ll know it upfront. Because Mick and Rob do developments themselves, they can’t help but talk about it. Other builders or brokers won’t even go there. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to be seduced into committing to a project and making your first payment before it all unravels. It’s not your fault – it’s misinformation. Better to know now than get in too deep and be forced into forever spending money to dig your way out of trouble.

The difference is, Daly + Shaw actually care about the builder-developer relationship, both now and in the future. We don’t want to trap you – we want you to remember the experience for all the right reasons. And while we’re more than happy to share our honest thoughts, we also encourage you to get advice from other financial experts like accountants or lawyers to make sure you’re in the right financial position to take on the project.

If it feels right, we’ll give the green light.