Due diligence

Repurposing land is your chance to create something both new and needed. Making the most of your development opportunity starts with understanding the big picture including the potential risks involved. Without careful prior planning, you can find yourself in a hole so deep that the only way out is to keep spending money.

At Daly & Shaw, we work alongside you, drawing on our vast experience to guide you in the right direction and tease out the big insights that ensure you do it right first, saving you money (and heartbreak) down the track. We can reveal what you’re sitting on before you get in too deep, from checking your lot for any caveats, easements and encumbrances to uncovering that optimal subdivision configuration.

Even if you have plans, we can show you ways to save money that others can’t. You won’t see us menu price, but you will see us be 100% honest and upfront about costing’s so you can develop with confidence.