Design options & alternatives

At Daly + Shaw, our extensive experience has given us an eye for smarter design that we’d love to share with you. If you bring us a plan, we can quickly analyse it and advise you on the good and the bad, from window and kitchen placement, to opening up more space by moving walls.

It comes back to a deep understanding of what the end user wants, which translates to quicker sales at higher price points (like storage options in small apartments). But it goes further than that. There are many building methods that are rarely challenged because people confuse ‘better’ for ‘it’s the way we've always done it’. We’ll run a fine toothcomb through everything to find construction methodology alternatives that save you money.

For instance, more and more developers are warming to framed upper floor construction. Unlike double brick, this building method calls for less engineering and takes the weight off the building, driving your earthworks costs down. It also offers better energy efficiency and acoustics, is quicker, neater and requires less wet trades on site.

You probably wouldn’t know this unless you explored your options. It’s all about having good conversations from the outset to avoid going back and making changes later. Remember - a set of plans for an apartment building can cost you up to $60 to $80k – variations could add another ten to fifteen grand on top. We’re here to help you get it right, first time round.