Approval timeframes

At Daly & Shaw, we know liaising with local council can be complex, especially when it’s your first time. If you don’t have enough experience to understand the detail you need in plans, the process can slow to a crawl, or worse, force you backwards.

The more delays there are, the more you risk the ‘revolving’ door of council workers, meaning your plans get passed on from person to person, wasting even more valuable time (sometimes years). And the longer you hold onto the land, the more you’ll pay in un-budgeted for interest. Say you invested a million dollars – that would cost you about $40-$50k a year. That’s $100k off your bottom line – money that could be earning you interest in the bank every month.

The bottom line is, the sooner you get approval, the better off you’ll be. Lean on us and we’ll arm you with the insights and strategies needed to push your plans through, pronto. If we can shrink approval times, we expand your profits too. And because we can integrate the approvals process into our entire project management service, you’ll have already factored in all those hidden costs like art fees and development contributions before submitting your plans – no surprises later.

That’s the Daly + Shaw way.